This is my example headline

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This is my example headline

This is my test excerpt

This is my headline

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this is my excerpt

photo sample

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Understanding and Using Metadata

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The Greek prefix ‘meta’ means, loosely, ‘about.’ In the context of digital information the term ‘metadata’ means ‘data about data.’  All digital information breaks down to data – strands of ‘1’s and ‘0’ or positive and negative charges strung together in patterns that computers read as a file or link or command. A photograph is […]

Taking photos for online slideshows

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In a previous post I presented some basic ways to approach the short photo story or slideshow. Below are some tips specifically for the online slideshow. THINK NUMBERS One of the most common afflictions of beginning photographers is that they don’t shoot enough frames. The results can be fatal when it comes to producing a […]

Sizing .jpg images for NYCity News Service

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Image size refers to the number of pixels, short for picture element, in your image. Each pixel is one byte or block of color information. Images are typically made up of millions of pixels of thousands of different colors that appear to blend together to give smooth tone. In the photo below the inset is […]

Slideshow and photo story

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The photo slideshow Many photo assignments are one-shot assignments. Meaning, the photographer can assume that no more than one (or maybe two) pictures likely will be used. For more tips on shooting the individual images, see the post entitled: Five Nifty Tips for Better Photo. However, online slideshows are a popular feature on most news […]

Embedding Media in Your Blog

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Below are some tips and links to the school’s wiki resources for embedding assorted media into your blogs.  Embedded media is different than media made available with a link. Embedded media displays within your blog and gives the viewer control of how that media plays. A link will send the viewer to another page from […]

Five Nifty Tips For Better Photo

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1 – Get closer: If photojournalism has one maxim or guiding proverb, it’s Robert Capa’s statement that, “if your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Don’t stand off on the periphery of your story and shoot a few tentative frames. Editors call this kind of photo an intimidation shot because they see it […]